Dedicated to a Circular Economy

As climates rapidly change and environmental issues rise continually, Seaman Group is dedicated to the plastics and recycling industry. Seaman Group proudly offers recycling and sustainability services, in addition to our ability to provide resin distribution for the plastics industry. By recovering scrap and waste plastic, our mission is to continually apply ourselves to a circular economy where we expect to redefine growth while offering society-wide benefits.

With countless benefits to a circular economy, Seaman Group anchors on a few personal objectives: reducing, reusing and recycling. Tagging these processes to our culture, we will minimize the use of raw materials, maximize the reuse of products/components and recycle for the extensive reuse of raw materials. Using these processes as our foundation, we have the ability to regenerating natural systems, making it easier to keep products and material in use.

As invigorating as the circular economy is, the unknown is still indeed prevalent. Before intertwining with the movement, it’s important to understand the advantages of a circular economy in order for our environmental decision-makers to work together effectively. As the changing demands continue to redevelop themselves, our environment will benefit from resource savings, economic growth, employment opportunities and intellectual innovation.

Even with the constant innovation regarding the circular economy, Seaman Group has discovered new ways to support customers and discern what role we play in the industry.

Understanding what it takes to achieve an overall effective circular economy, Seaman Group promotes specialized concepts and cycles of a circular economy. The concept is meant to build, and rebuild overall system health, while still working productively at all scales, which impact small and large businesses, individuals and organizations.

The circular economy model distinguishes between technical and biological cycles, intending to create a globally merged system. Consumption happens in biological cycles where food and other materials are designed to feed back into the system. This is completed through processes pertaining to composting and anaerobic digestion. Technical cycles are utilized to recover/restore products, components, and materials. This is achieved through precise strategies like repairing, remanufacturing and reusing.

To initiate the plastic recycling collection process, Seaman Group coordinates the supply chain logistics management with the customer. If necessary, per the customers’ needs, the products are sorted to properly identify materials. Once the materials are sorted, we partner with processors of plastic components to accurately meet the customers grinding specifications. Seaman Group then formulates the product to meet all necessary requirements before shipping the finished product to begin the plastic processing phase.

Seaman Group wants to buy your scrap. Whether it’s from breakage, excess inventory, production overruns or other unique processes, we’re ready to relieve your organization of leftover resin.

With our extensive knowledge of numerous industries, we offer a unique support system to keep your operation running efficiently. Take advantage of our money-saving scrap removal. Even if we can’t buy it, Seaman Group works with you to help you solve your challenges.