We Buy Your Plastic Scrap

Whether it’s from breakage, excess inventory, production overruns or something unique (we’ve heard some incredible stories!), we can relieve your organization of your leftover resin. 

You’ll find technical experience at every level of material processing.

We will be sure your product is stored and handled to minimize contamination, resulting in the preservation of price integrity. Our practical knowledge of multiple industries offers a unique support system to keep your operation running efficiently.

We offer competitive pricing.

Even better, we show how we compute the value. You’ll end up with money in the bank – and you’ll save money by not paying to have plastic scrap hauled away. If we can’t buy it, we’ll provide other options.

Seaman Group Plastics Services

• Supply Chain Logistics Management


• Plastic Manufacturing Processes

• Product Sourcing

• Plastics Distribution & Recycling

Compounding • Shredding • Granulating • Pulverizing

Toll Grinding • Blending • Bailing • Packaging • BreakBulk

Washing • Sorting • Metal Detection • Aspiration